A collaborative fundraiser with fellow artists Cayla Ray-Perry, Rachel Rothberg, and Lucy Euler. We held this fundraiser from October through December 2020 to raise funds to help rebuild Skylark Ranch Girl Scout Camp, which was badly damaged by the Northern California wildfires in August 2020. Each of us four artists created handmade products to sell on our Etsy shop, all inspired by our time working as camp staff in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Along with creating friendship bracelets, designing stickers, and making linocut block-prints and photo prints, I used the branding that Cayla designed for the shop to create social media infographics. These were posted before we opened the shop to promote our campaign and educate our audience of the devastation the wildfires have had this year. Altogether, we sold more than 150 items and raised over $2000 though Etsy as well as raffles and direct monetary donations.

Logo Design, Product Photography, & Social Media Management by Cayla Ray-Perry

Social Media graphics explaining the NorthernĀ California wildfires. Used as promotional material before the shop opened.

Stickers sold in the Etsy shop

Handmade linocut prints with watercolor

Photo print, photographed on a manual 35mm film camera and darkroom printed

Hand tie dyed tapestry that was raffled off on social media. Dyed specifically to have a GirlĀ Scout trefoil in the center.

Handmade friendship bracelets